Not being able to login

So since all the updates I wanted to check them out, and I click sign in I type in all my login info and I press the green login button and nothing happens, it worked for me before all the new updates but now when I press the login button simply nothing happens.

Yeah, same here, I logged out because I cleaned up my C: drive with a program I use, it got rid of my internet history and all that, so I obviously tried to login again, and it didn’t do anything, I even tried entering random shit so it would throw an error, it still did nothing.

I’m also having this problem. The first time I tried it I got the black screen, since then nothing even happens when I press Login. I have yet to play Rust :frowning:

same here, just wont do anything now.(the button)

There is no invalid login/password message. But that is whats going on, it’ll only do something when the l/p is correct.

Well i’m sure my login and password is correct, anyone got a fix for this?

Same situation here. Logged out and now I can’t log in again. Since there is no account recovery, error message or confirmation mail to speak of, there is no way to know if you made a typo with your email or not the first time you registered.

Though I think this is a bug because the site does not appear to even refresh when you click “Login”. Server is not contacted at all by the looks of it. Not to mention I know that I have the correct login. The only two options I see is that I messed up when entering my email the first time or that the login is bugged for some.

Yeah I think it may be bugged because i’m sure I got the info right because I used it before.

I’ll run it past garry, he manages the web end of everything. I don’t know if there is or isnt issues, but just noticed we have 14k users so maybe thats part of it. I just logged out and logged in though, so if it is a issue it looks like its not happening for everyone

Yes. I have a friend who can log in and out without issue, too, so it’s definitely not everyone.

Just a recovery function or a confirmation-mail when you register would go a long way to prevent people from forgetting login if that is the case. But there are quite the few people with this issue right now as you can see on the forums.
Hope it can get fixed at some point if it is indeed a bug :slight_smile:

To be fair I’ve never used the green login button. I just press enter after my password and it logs me straight in.

Yeah I know you can press enter but doesn’t work either :confused: