Not being able to perma-download content

When I join a server and the content from it downloads I only have it temporarily. When I disconnect and rejoin sometime later or right after I leave I have to re-download all the content that I already downloaded when I last joined.

Extra Info:
-Server has fast download
-When other people join they don’t have to re-download the content after

If you need any more info please let me know and I’ll try to get it to you.


Clear your cache folder located in your gmod/gmod folder

That’s because it attempts to download it, but it doesn’t exist on the fastdl server, and the next time you join it just attempts to redownload.

I tried deleting my cache but that doesn’t work, would it be with the server or is it with me?

(Sorry for for the long reply wait)

You need to install the addon and put it in /addons/ directory.

Try getting the content from the servers forum if it is uploaded.

I just gave you the answer it it’s the server

Indeed if a Files arent on the fastDl So models materials sounds and more. It will attempt to Download but wont actually get any files. So its all like Lets pretend there here for now lets hope its fixed soon.

K well the owner doesn’t agree with this, is there anyway possible that it’s me and if so how can I fix it?
He says he re-downloaded gmod and joined his server and it worked for him so I don’t understand what’s going on D: