Not being able to play on laptop?

I have a account but when i try to play unity crashes or the game crashes i would like to know if it is possible to play rust on a laptop.

what are your specs? I have heard that integrated graphics might be the main problem and that it’s a bug.

Yes, Macbooks are the only known laptop to be able to play Rust with an integrated graphics card, and by play I mean it works and all, but the shadows suck hardcore.

I have an Intel graphics card but will that work? i was thinking that Intel was bad to use for the game .

which one? Intel HD or Intel Mobile?

I have Intel HD 3000, which is known to have HUD problems, and launching problems.

integrated graphics are bad for any gaming from 2012-2013 that use 720p or higher.

easy solution:

-you have to either get a new laptop without integrated or a desktop

  • do what I do and wait :stuck_out_tongue:

Intel HD.

yeah, you have to either wait for the devs to fix it or get a new laptop. sorry. :stuck_out_tongue:

i guess ill jsut wait :stuck_out_tongue:

Intel HD 3000 is a really really weak and bad chipset. 4000 is however pretty decent, for a low-end video “card”