Not Connecting to servers

I have been trying to connect to servers but i have to relaunch the game a few times until it can connect to a server. I am wondering if it is a problem with my internet or if others are having the same problem. If it is a common problem I would like to see it fixed because it is really annoying me.

there was a rash of this yesterday…and i am having the same problem today

kk I hope they fix it but its not such a big of a deal. Are you playing on a mac? because I am.

I am using windows and it says “Facepunch_Connector_AuthFailure”. I’ve verified the game and restarted it won’t connect to any servers

Lol, I can only hover over the servers but nothing happens. I click the server multiple times, but nothing even happens…
I understand though that’s Pre Alpha Alpha and stuff though. But I was expecting the bugs to happen once I got on the game rather than before I even start.
Unless I just don’t know how to select a server.