Not downloading anything problem

Hello, I’ve been having some trouble with a server I am making. Right now I’m trying to add a model but there is one problem; it doesn’t download.

It doesn’t even show up and download quickly, when autorun isn’t on. I know basic lua (how to include files to downloading), but this is unusual, as I haven’t had a problem like this before. Please Help!

P.S. When I join the server, it goes straight to Retrieving Server Info>Sending Client info, and it doesn’t even say that it would be dling something (ie, at times it would show unused downloads, they wouldn’t download.)

do you have fast dl?

Sadly, I don’t ><

then that may be your problem

I’ve told you, I know my way through basic lua to force install (via resource.AddFile into garrysmod\lua\autorun). With FastDL, I wouldn’t need to do that.

Yes you do.

Also, if you are using fastdl, which you are unclear about, all files need to be mirrored between both servers.
If you are not using fastdl, there may be a file size cap, but don’t quote me on that.

All I’m really doing is testing stuff on an SRCDS server, so I wouldn’t really have fast dl. I’m not so sure about the file size cap though.