Not downloading custom models/Addons

I have a gmod DarkRP server with the whole collection set up properly, API key and ID set, when people join it shows them downloading the items via workshop. Now the issue is that when ingame they see errors because it doesn’t actually download for them?? How do I fix this issue?

Are you sure it may be that the server is not properly downloading them? That issue sometimes happens. One way to tell if you do download is telling the users to go to garrysmod/downloads/server/ and it will show the id of the addons you’ve downloaded from connecting to servers.

Checked the server files and I have definitely downloaded stuff, I am wondering could it be that sv_download/upload are set to 0? or would it be something else…

No it isn’t. Download disables ServerDL and upload disables clients uploading stuff to the server or some shizzle. Also you need the workshop addons in your addons server folder so like I have a random addon and I copy it from the addons folder from my PC and then rename it to ds_numbershereofaddon. Sorry if I didn’t explain correctly. On my iFruit