Not enough communication in my opinion

Hi everyone,

Ok! So here is my opinion you might not care or disagree but hey freedom of speech right.
After last update like most already know the game got really bad freezes and fps drops for probably most people, yes its annoying but it happens.
If u ever programmed something you know shit happens and it doesn’t really bother me that much its a work in progress, could this have been avoided with testing and such… or handled differently well probably but that’s not the topic.

What does bother me is the lack of communication in words of updates and problems that come after that, no estimated hour when the update was gonna be implemented and official servers wiped, then after the update yesterday that “broke” the game for most people, there is nowhere any word from the devs that they recognize the problem and are working on it neither an estimated time when things could get fixed.

There are however endless tweets on what they are changing and updating on twitter things that 90%+ of the playerbase don’t even understand, so that is not helping alot of people.
In my opinion people would be much more calm and happy when they actually get official statements more on whats going on and when things will happen and if you are even working on it, cause if i look at twitter i would think the devs are not even fixing it and just doing other programming to the game instead of fixing the current issue.

Ofcourse u will still have the obvious trolls and forumragers but the people who do care and are somewhat decent would probably appreciate better communication. You can spam twitter with gibberish programming stuff why not spam it with useful information to that everyone understands? ex: eta’s on wipes,updates (more exact then “this day”), recognition on when some update went wrong and how progress is going on fixing it stuff like that.

Key to keeping a happy community is communication and in my opinion there is a lack of this on key moments.

Have a nice day and thanks for letting me rant :wink:

I got none of these Problems.
Maybe you shouldn’t run the game on a Nintoaster.
So once, twice a week a huge Blogpost isn’t enough?

Just get a Computer and you will get over it. Things evolve.

Check reddit, Garry actually answered who had issues with the update there.

off topic u missed the point, i am talking about better live updates that is understandable for everyone not only people who actually do programming or have servers. They have time to post programming gibberish (for most people) every 15-30 minutes why not something that comforts people more on key moments in the development of the game.
And i could not care more or less what pc you have or not, its not the topic either you are trolling or unable to have a decent discussion

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true 2 replies on reddit on a single post to figure out the problem, still no updates about progress on it on official site or twitter accounts. And not everyone is gonna refresh and read true endless posts just to find out if he replied later on.

I can understand where you’re coming from.

Update 79 had a comical response on twitter after it broke the game which was sufficient albeit lacking in details.

Something along the lines of, “we’re aware of X issue and hope to have a fix applied soon” would be welcomed.

Unfortunately it appears as though there’s currently a lot of different “official” support channels; Reddit, twitter, facepunch, etc… however none of these are dedicated to providing the updates that the players want to see and we’re left routing around all these different platforms to seek answers.

exactly what i mean most people just want some clarity of whats going on, some recognition of a problem and if they are working on it, also more live feeds on update days with eta’s (even if they don’t make it and extend to later hours people will have something to look out for).

I totally agree Snooties. Many times after an update there occurs some critical gameplay bugs. But I hardly see any communication from the Dev’s to the player through Twitter or w/e about it.

Wow. Really? I dont think being mean to people will solve this. I personal dont think this has anything to do with our hardware specifications. I own a brand new maxedout gaming computer and also i got freezes, lags, and crashed.

Totally agree with the OP here. As a server owner right now, I’m totally out in the dark as much as any of my players. Every single week now they push one or two, sometimes three hotfixes to fix issues they introduced in the previous patch or hotfix, but these are never documented, there is no official place to check where or when or why they are released, etc. Heck the only way I can know if an update went live is to check for the new Oxide version on or check my host’s control panel for the last update release date and neither of those gives any hint at what was changed or fixed in these hotfixes.

This happened last night again… We get a shitty broken patch and a couple hours later a hotfix got out. It didn’t fix any of the obvious issues my players were reporting, and I have no clue what that fucking hotfix was supposed to even fix… I have no clue either if Garry and his minions know about the dozens of bugs that came with the patch because they are not acknowledging anything… I don’t know if a new fix will hit in the next 30 min, day, week or even year, all I can do is suppose, guess and hope.

Better communication would go a long way towards calming everyone’s tits. I’m a software engineer myself, I fuck up all the time, but when I do I go to the bat, tell my users I fucked up, why I did, how I did, what I plan to do to fix it, how complex I expect it to be, how long I think it will take and if at any time I see my target is not going to be met, I contact them again to let them know what’s up and give them an adjusted ETA… and if I ever fuck up as bad as they did last night, I’ll just pull the previous version and revert until I fix my shit so my users aren’t left in the dark, wondering when or if ever their software is gonna work again.

I swear, if I behaved like FP does at work, I would get fired within a matter of days and if everyone at my work did that, the company would be dead in mere weeks. I understand the FP guys made a shit ton of money and might not care as much, but this is ridiculous… AND DON’T YOU DARE GIVE ME THAT THIS IS ALPHA BULLSHIT, the terms “alpha” and “beta” do not apply to early access, it’s a new meta, it has nothing to do with those terms. When a game has been pushed to players and playable for the most part it’s neither alpha or beta, it’s a new thing. This game will be DEAD before it even releases if they keep fucking up that bad.

They need an integration server… where each patch is tested AND UNTOUCHED for 1 full week. No adding new features all week and up until 30 min before release like they’ve been doing, just delay the patch a full week before going live and players can go test it on that server… and if it ain’t ready, it ain’t ready, make a fixed version and test it for one more week, etc.

The closest thing to that they have right now is Rustafied that does this for like a few hours before patch… and they reported ALL THOSE ISSUES and FP still released… /facepalm

Looks like they may be listening:

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Absolutely this!

Think your patch is ready? Brilliant, get some people to test it. Load it up on the dev branch and leave it there for at least a couple of days untouched.

If a serious bug is found, fix it then do the same thing again.

I can understand that you’re pushing to hit the two week deadline you’ve set yourselves but if it’s not ready I can guarantee that the majority of players would prefer to wait a couple more days/weeks on a stable release than have something forced on them that just adds to their grief.

I think its sad that they made a poll for the bullet speed but none for the bow nerf.

And I agree that the new patch should be on the dev branch 1 week earlier and no changes shall be done to that patch before its released.

From my old review of rust:

I think it’s sad that so many people think Facepunch is a professional studio, you do realize that professionals would not use profanity in their communications with customers! Let’s call a spade a spade here, Gary has an ambitious project and one that’s no doubt going to be a success on Many levels but to expect this company to have any amount of business acumen with the type of responses you often read and the language use at times I their Dev blog. Get serious guys, Facepunch is a different kind of animal, a drooling fecal matter throwing animal…but we like the game so we put up with their mistakes. We shouldn’t but we do

Hey Deicide, it’s Alpha ! :dance:

Honestly the thing I don’t get is what do you think the devs are doing. Do guys honestly believe they aren’t working on the crashes. You really think they want to push trash out to you. For fucks sakes take a couple weeks off. I mean like the sac asti response they made is right, if they knew what the problem is it wouldn’t be a problem.

Honestly I would rather have them push out updates then test them constantly. If you feel entitled to information because you pay for a server maybe you shouldn’t rent.

Out of all the “alpha playable while the game is being made” games I’ve been apart off I would say rust is the few that keeps pushing out new stuff.

Just take a break

AND YET they get rapidly fixed. every time.

Yeah that mem leak fix was blazing fast.

Well we’ve had multiple patches since yesterday, and none are explained. It would be nice to know what the patch was for. I’m sure someone has time to make a tweet. Rustafied used to be the only place to get this information but they are doing less each week.

They will fix it asap as always, no need for excuses and explanations. I dare to say kids these days got no patience.

I don’t think people want information because they are impatient or feel entitled I think it’s more so they a) have some idea of what to expect and b) feel in the loop about things. This isn’t some strange demand or something unreasonable to ask. A game survives on its community and a community survives from the players. Each server has its own community and each of those communities makes up the rust community. If someone plays on a server and the games bust they want to know why. If the admins don’t know they look else where and if they can’t find out they stop playing. Maybe they check back later but some don’t they simply just quick. So servers lose players and eventually closes down and the community grows a little smaller. It’s not good for anyone.

Now don’t take this as a rust is dieing or going to die post it’s not, I’m just making a point of why server owners need information so they can reassure their players and keep things going instead of losing players and closing down. Communication is key.

This isn’t a new thing either, it’s not just started because games are being played in alpha and beta stages because of early access. This has been happening for years. A company releases a game, it’s buggy as fuck, players want to know what the company is doing to fix it. Whether is a bug in initial release or an update or patch that came later. This is why patch notes came to existence and which nearly every company now has a social media platform to update players on.

As people have said the blog post and Twitter and reedit are all used but not I a very efficient or thorough manner. People aren’t demandkng that devs instantly tell us how they plan to fix issues or their plans for the future but tweets like the “we fucked up” one are great because they reassure players and let us know that 1. The devs know the issues are there and more importantly 2. They know how majorly broken something is and the tweet lets us know they will likely be fixing it soon rather than waiting for the next patch a few days later.

Not only all that but some notes about hot fixes allow us to give better feedback about issues we are having. Did they fix this problem? Yes but it’s still happening. Ok we will tell them the fix didn’t work. Rather than having a load of threads constantly floating around about issues that may or may not have been fixed.

So overall more communication means better experiences for users and better feesback for the devs. Outside of any time constraints that may stop them there is little reason to not communicate these things a little better.

better to let dev’s spend all the time to fix those errors than to be writing about them. will be faster. this is still an alpha, do not forget about it.