Not enough players in 1 server?

when the server split, the number of the players lowed to like 30 people in 1 server.
what do you think about it?

Before it was one server but since it was many people playing rust the server lagged out and people build much so they needed to wipe alot. And its timezones pings and lagg. So they will need to have more than one server.

I think some time is needed to ajust and when the game will be less crashing lot’s of peeps will fill in the ranks.


i really hate that you are saying cheers in every comment.


This is the answer that you find? Please go waste your time somewhere else, we (as community) are trying to contribute to the game and help people that have questions.
Have some respect and decency would you…


Cheers means nothing more than thanks.


thanks alot, but you can just comment without saying cheers :smiley:

Less people per server is nice as they are less laggy and we can play the game without all those wipes and down server.

What if the poster is having a drink though as they’re ending their message? They’re then respectfully cheers’ing you!


I actually like the amount of people currently. Easier start that we needed. Still a decent amount though so you will fear, you also can find people to raid if your that type. Overall less lag on the servers since of not as many people and I personally love it this way. Cannot wait to order a private server once it comes out as they said they might be releasing some soon.

    If this also becomes an editable server software like Gmod was I cannot wait to see what people come up with for the game. It may also allow garry to get ideas and creations from the community and add them into the game with less work. That means more constant updating.

It seems the downtime due to the recent DDOS is most likely to blame for the lower population numbers. It should just be a matter of time before the numbers start to grow again.

The only time I have ever seen only 30 people on a server is between 1am-6am.

Before that I always see 87~ people per server, excluding the Australian server.

I was always curious how many keys have actually been sold, based on the number of people playing at any given time it gives the impression of not too many?

On the auction page : 5,753 keys were sold.

Well you have to remember some of the keys sold are being used for giveaways, and other keys can’t be used while AMD GPU’s are having issues, as well as people with performance issues/school.

I feel the community needs to decide between too many and too few, we are going back and forth. First it was “OMG TOO MANY PEOPLE IN ONE SERVER!!!” now its like “Not enough people on 1 server…”. Honestly I feel that 30 is enough, it keeps servers from crashing will people test for glitches and bugs, it allows for people to not killed every minute and for them to actually try and find bugs. Personally I wouldnt mind a empty server so I can try and find some more bugs to report.

30 epople on a server at a time is perfect for the current size of the map,I played when there was only 3 servers and they would get over crowded, ppl would kos where ever you go

I liked it when their were 70-80 on each server, made it harder to get resources and made it harder to survive.