Not even one bloody week...

Warning: This is very ugly, and may cause your head to explode from the ugliness.

Command really has high expectations for these FNGs… heck, they cant even make it one damn week.-Commander of the Universal Union Coastal Strike Force

Caption: Heavy losses were sustained after a failed attempt to eliminate Resistance members in the Coastal Region.

The posing need A LOT OF WORK, really, work on that
oh, and clipping on the one in the back.


Its bad.

Yea… I really did mess up here…

Also, the name makes no sense. What week? Who’s saying it? Why?

You might of skipped over the text at the bottom of the picture.

Oh, sorry, but overwatch officers are more robotic, so i doubt they’d say things like “bloody week” or “heck”.

Yea… I went too quickly with the back-story, the posing, etc.

Maybe try again and replace the picture up there with a better version?

Yea. Going to work on it.

Good, hopefully it will look better.

But if you’ll recall in one part of HL2 if you throw a grenade in the sniper’s windo they shout ‘SHIT!’.



Oh, well, i dont have HL2, only the episodes.
But i know what your talking about, i did it in Episode 1.