Not Fair!

All I see is all my friends buying this game and I can’t its not fair so many people get the game why can’t we!

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nobody can “buy” this game

Eh, I kinda felt the same way when I saw someone who made an account 7 years ago and was saying how he still has yet to get a key. It’s kind of discouraging to be with thousands of other people who can’t play it, when it is most likely, a large portion of the people who did get a key most likely don’t play the game that often.

You cant buy the game you have to get a beta key for it and they are pretty hard to come buy these days because of the games popularity spike

You should be banned

Alpha Key, the game isnt in beta so how are you gonna get a beta key?

Stahp, please read the sticky before making a stupid thread. For the love of Garry. :suicide:

mooooom why does he get this game but i don’t??? it’s not faaaaaiiiirrrrrr!!!