Not for casual gamers...

I’ve been playing Rust for over a week now and logged 85 hours (vacation last week let me play all day every day). At first I thought it was amazing, but the truth is, Rust is like a new Girlfriend. You’re blind to the flaws because the good parts are so novel and enticing, and the promise of what it can be is so great. But it’s clear to me now that Rust is not the right game for me, and I can tell from listening and talking to others that it’s not going to be the right game for a lot of people (i.e. the ones with jobs, girlfriends, and lives outside of video games)

The PVP on new spawns is so rampant, it can take 20 - 30 attempts just to build a 1 x 1 shack to start retaining resources. Once you have that, there is a +50% chance you will not make it home with your gathered materials each day because some little shit with a bolt action and an AimBot ( or maybe just good aim) will pick you off before you even see them. There is no defense to this. You have to collect resources, and you have to expose yourself to do it. Once you finally collect enough resources that you feel good about the game, your little base will be raided and you will lose everything. Over … and over… and over… and over… and over. Then you realize there is no point to the game. There is no progression. No retention of anything except learned recipes, which are worthless without resources and a base to store them. Then you just stop playing. This is what is happening to every casual gamer that bought this game. But I guess it’s cool, because you already got the money.

Don’t get me wrong, I like that there is PVP. But in a game where you are expected to spend hours collecting and building, it shouldn’t be so easy to have your progress undone. The idea has been tried before in a number of games and always failed. People play games to have fun, bot be frustrated and beaten down to the point of anger. I figured that eventually they would add some game mechanics that discouraged people from killing each other so much, which would make the game much more playable, until I read this: - Most notably, this quote:

This totally comes off as someone who doesn’t understand the business he’s in. He’s rejecting his own customers pleas for a feature that will make the game more appealing and playable to the 99%. For what? Because he thinks he has some new, amazing idea? The idea that if you give people 100% freedom in a game, then everyone can play the game how they want is not a good idea, and it’s not a new one. It is insanely naive and ignorant. Other people playing the game the way THEY want is preventing ME from playing the game the way I want. When you give 15 year olds 100% freedom, they will grief everyone, all day, and never stop. This game is a breeding ground for sociopathic children to act out shit head tendencies. Anyone who tries to use the game in any other way will fail miserably and quit.

Are there going to be tools that make it easier for players to start or join a ‘town’? Because right now, if I were to walk up to pretty much anyone in the game and ask them to team up, they will shoot me in the head. How do I start a town exactly??
The idea that players could band together and defend themselves without having some in-game mechanic to make that an easy thing to do is such a pie in the sky fantasy. Yeah, some people who have friends IRL that will play the game will do that, but what about everyone else?

This game is such a disappointment. I’ll come back in a few months and see what’s changed, but it seems like the developers goal is to make this game just another dumb fuck FPS for high school kids that have a lot more time on their hands then I do.

You can casually play this game. Play on a server with less people, play with some friends, and lastly don’t fall in love with your items. :slight_smile: I don’t play often but these things help me have fun with the game playing casually

I play on a modded pve server. I am having loads of fun having it me vs. nature (and zombie). You can’t even accidently kill someone because the admin turned off being able to damage someone. Maybe you should look into one of those types of servers. Most of the time the community is great and very helpful.

maybe you should play WoW or something equivalent. :v:

I love the fact of losing what I got after hours playing, because that’s how it works. It’s a game. If you keep winning and owning, then what else? Uninstall Rust?

Be optimistic, find friends and play together, raid together, and sleep together :v:

This is about the reaction I expected, since it seems like the only people who really use this forum are the fanboys. I’m happy for you that you got a game you really love. I’ll have to keep looking.

Nope, never. Just 'cause the game’s in alpha and completely unfinished yet doesn’t mean you’ll get any of the things they’ve promised. Nope, that’s not what alpha means at all. Nope nope. Alpha means “cool kids who hear about a game early and there are a few bugs sometimes”. Garry just said all that because he forgot to eat his breakfast that morning and was hallucinating pretty hardcore on low blood sugar.

I wonder if the people rating me negatively understand sarcasm…

same goes to dayz. once u died, youre screwed.

im not a fanboy, just a game collector and play what I bought.

Well when you yourself are openly agressive,

You are kind of setting the stage for the rest of the thread’s attitude towards you

you sure had enough time to write a story of why you are so upset with the game. if you dont like the game thats fine, but no need to come to the forums and bash on it because you dont have friends to play the game with… if you want a game that is easier and more forgiving play world of warcraft, hello kitty island adventure.

Bahaha. No wonder you cant make any friends in the game your attitude is complete shit. I havent found it difficult yet to make friends or get started on a server. You are obviously doing something wrong man and it could be that you expect to run around skipping in a field saying hi to every person you see wanting hugs.

I find the main reason people have trouble finding a group is because they look for people who are already setup. They want to find a group who already has some guns and a base ect. News flash and I hate to break it to you but thats not going to work. You have to find people like you! People who also have nothing and are also looking to start a group.

I dont think he was purposefully being hostile, because what he said is true. Unless you play a fresh server 24/7 you will automatically lose the arms race. If you dont have arms or muscle to defend your base, you might as well not build. If you dont build, the game is Counter Strike in alpha with a hunger meter.

I myself love the concept of the game, but agree with the sentiments of it being too time intensive and far too unforgiving to players who cant play 16 hours a day. The game has some serious flaws (the main being how lopsided the arms race is, and how hard it is to build a base versus how easy it is to knock it down, etc) and I hope they get rectified - but basing design decision off of giving players the steering wheel in a PvP centric game is going to leave us with a game that has nobody playing it, because the 10% will drive away the 90%.

Those aren’t flaws… It’s realistic of how a survival scenario would be. What makes it cool to me is that it is different than other games. There are different tiers of the game and it’s how its supposed to be. There are dozens of other games where the “arms race” is on a more forgiving slope. I suggest if you think this system is flawed to try another. Some people playing this game play it because it is different.

Actually i think the game would be better if it was more realistic. I.e. running around killing random people for fun will put you in danger and is not a realistic thing to do in a survival situation. So the fix is arrows should be made more deadly where even “kevlar” (aka your black sweatshirt made from leather and metal dust) can’t stop them, and getting hit with a rock even once should take you down to at least 50% health, regardless of armor.

The natural response is ppl that have the guns would be forced to kill you from a distance (where pistols and shotguns suck and repeat hits from a rifle are hard). This also encourages them to be more creative and setup ambushes at bottlenecks and use teamwork which is fine, while also giving you a chance to evade if they miss from the high recoil.

If anything this would put an end to non stop 10 year olds screaming in mic “I’M FRIENDLY” while chasing you with a shotgun because all they would be doing is giving you a chance to aim your bow.

He’s right.

This game is for no lifes or people who play for 1-2 hours as a nomadic bandit just killing everyone with whatever they can find.

Or if you’re in a big group you can probably afford to play for 1-2 hours and still have a nice base and such set up before you log out. The game is definitely teamwork oriented, considering such. But it still has a major emphasis on individual skill and strategy, and is hard core.

If you know what you are doing a small team of players… 2-4 people can have almost everything in the game in 2-3 hours. Your problem is you are not playing with friends. You can play 2 hours a night be dominate or at least a pest in any server if you do it right.

Especially if it’s non-sleeper you can just combat log on anyone and not have to worry about dying and also you can log off with your good stuff to keep it.

I get this isn’t your type of game but why make a thread about it? It just discourages people. It takes many attempts to succeed in this game. Dying and losing everything can be very disappointing and frustrating, indeed. However that is how the game is supposed to be. All you have to do is find a group of good players to work with and you will see how fun it can be regardless if you do die and lose everything which is what happened to me last night and I am starting over after writing this.

It’s not realistic though, not in the slightest. This is a game where you can craft an M4 on a homemade workbench using nothing but metal. This game is about the least realistic survival game out there.

So the flaws become more prevalent the more you compare it to realism. So that’s the wrong route to go.

speaking about realistic…oh well. realistic in rust like really really realistic? you cant craft anything at all. that’s real-ish. this can be prolonged. so stop mentioning realistic blablabla.

If you can’t find people to play with (not necessarily irl friends) then you must be the problem.

I have one IRL friend who plays this game, and a group of about 15 people I met while playing. It’s not very difficult man, just be friendly, network; then get your banditin’ on!

Also this game is survival of the fittest, while the smart person will take defeats as a learning experience!


“takes 20 - 30 tries to build a shelter”. Man. WHY THE HELL do you play on a 100+ player server on this small map right now?

You know what? There is a secret tipp, but don’t tell anyone: Play on a server with less people D: . Magic isn’t it?