Not got Cloudscript?

Hello, well this evening I just redownloaded GMod with TF2, CS:S, HL2 and portal with it, I have no addons what-so-ever and it’s a clean slate.

  1. How do I get Cloudscript?

  2. Can I get Wiremod and PHX off there?

Thanks. :slight_smile:

  1. Open your Q menu, click on your entities, or weapons tab, click the little cloud.

  2. Nope

I aint got the little cloud

Try in singleplayer.

Woah, do my eyes decieve me!?

Garry posted on my thread! gasps

goes to see if it works in Singleplayer

Garry once again, you bring joy to many lifes!

Urgh. Anyway, garry hasn’t made it multiplayer yet. Nobody wants to see other people spawning a large model that attacks everyone.

Maybe he will make it admin only?

Genius. :golfclap: