Not having money to buy rust :C

ive watched rust videos forever now and i would LOVE to play the game but im having money issuses :C Rust is probably the top 10 things on my wishlist! ive seen so many people having fun and having a great time and im sitting here watching them… BUT i promise, SOMEDAY i will have enough money to buy rust! and i will litterly play the game EVERY-SINGLE-DAY because its that awesome of a game! Cant wait to play with the community and have loads of fun with you guys!! UNTIL THEN!

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It’s $20… go out and pick up soda cans, or rake a yard or two.

$20 dollars for being raided and killed the first 10 hours on the server. If you manage to get a good base and equipment then you will enjoy killing naked people to compensate what I said before.

its hard to make 20$ >.> especially when your young, i would like shovel drive ways but the people around me are rich and already have people hired to do their driveways >.>, and thats not the only thing thats holding me back, my parents think its “stupid” to waste my money on games so they dont let me :C but its something that i love doing! :C

Sorry to hear that. I’ve always allowed my kids to game, and they turned out just fine. I’m a little jealous that there were not any video games when I was a kid. My parents would probably have had to beat me and tie me up to get me to stop playing if there were games like this when I was 10-12 years old.

hey thanks man, its always awesome to see people who think video games arent bad!

Convince your parents to get you a student paypal account. Do chores around the house, get monies, get Rust on your own with the paypal account.

ive already tried and i have to do chores without pay ;( i really want this game tho lol

If you’re 16 you can flip burgers in the summer. Easy money.

Otherwise, save up all the money from dem birfday and christmasy cards. Or…just ask for a steam wallet giftcard for your birthday/christmas/kwanza/whatever.

thats the thing, im 15 and ive already tried to lie about my age and TRY to get into McDonalds lol, i LITTERLY cannot find a why to get the SIMPLE 20$ lol

So…is there any point to this thread other than being an extremely thinly veiled attempt at begging for someone to buy it for you?

Ask your parents this. Would they rather know where you are playing a computer game or if they would prefer to guess what you’re doing at a friends house all the time. Could be drugs, alcohol who knows. my kids are all grown and at least I knew what trouble they were getting into while in the other room.

im not really begging for the game, i just wanted to let people know that i really like this game and its gunna take a while to get money for it :C just cant wait to play the game!

If everybody would act like you, then we would have a lot more pointless threads. :v:

In my opinion it sounds like you are begging for the game, no need to start this thread otherwise. How hard can it be, people give you good tip here, pick up soda cans > 7 eleven > moneybookercard/electronvisa/spendoncard or whatever you use in the US > buy the game > hf

EDIT: or steal your moms credit card sneaky beaky like. :rock:

Regardless of whether or not you have $20:

  1. You can’t buy the game with cash on Steam, so you need a card.
  2. Your parents have the cards.
  3. If they won’t let you buy the game anyway, it’s a moot point.
  4. So really you’re just here hoping someone will gift it to you on Steam, because that’s about the only way it’s going to happen.

Just come out and say it already.


fine you caught me! there is not way i can get the game without some1 being a super awesome and kinda person and gifting me the game because my parents will not buy me a card/the game…srry guys…

Find a way to earn the money and then ask a friend to buy it for you.

How much mo ey do you get per month?
30 cents?

Can’t imagine you really have to beg for that with 15 years.