Not Hide HUD

Sorry. Bad English. iam japanese.

Even with the camera, HUD is not hidden.
Even if it had the camera, the screen shot copied the appearance where HUD was not hidden.

My Addons

konnichiwa, type “cl_drawhud 0” in console and it will hide your hud.

and if you want it back, type in cl_drawhud 1 back into console

Because even the weapon list that is up also disappears when inputting as cl_drawhud 0, it doesn’t like it.

When everything was invalidated by “ModManager”,
There is a problem in addons.

Try putting these in console:

bind [ “cl_drawhud 0”
bind ] “cl_drawhud 1”

Then take out the camera and press [ to hide the HUD. When you’re finished, press ] to bring the HUD back.

[quote=“MegaJohnny, post:5, topic:38372”]

bind [ “cl_drawhud 0”
bind ] “cl_drawhud 1”

nice idea. Thanks.