Not letting me play as soon as I get in and move it says

The Content was stopped because a fatal
content error has been detected! HELP

This is probabl cause of all the new players joining from the dutch auction garry did

So what do I do?

Seems that your unity player is crashing, your computer might not be able to handle the game

Also unity player just crashes aswell

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My computer is an Alienware M17x How could it not handle this game?

Your drivers might not be up to date? Or try a different browser

I’m trying a different browser

If that dosen’t work I’ll check if I need to update my drivers

Alright, just make sure everything is up to date, and the best of luck :stuck_out_tongue:

What browser do you play rust on?

I play on chrome, cause this used to happen on Firefox, but I recently changed my gpu and haven’t had problems on any browser :slight_smile:

It said my GPU could be updated on nvida but I don’t see where I can update it

Should be able to update it with GeForce Experience, it’s how i keep mine up to date

Nvm, I have a GeForce GTX 660M though, is that good enough?

Yea I’ve the GeForce GTX 660 ti, and it runs it sweet like

Yeah, I’ve updated it and it still dosen’t work

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It keeps on crashing

Don’t know what else could be the matter :confused:

Yeah, it’s annoying

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still happening