"Not of God"

In the original Japanese script of “Mewtwo Strikes Back”, Mewtwo was angry at humanity for tampering in God’s domain by creating life, seeing his own creation as an abomination. This is why he chose to destroy the world by a storm while saving only a chosen few, just like in the story of Noah’s Ark. I always thought that painted M2 in an interesting light and made him an interesting villain.


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jesus CHRIST, there’s points where saturated lights is okay, but for fuck’s sake, this is not one of them.

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While I’m not overly fond of the way that FNV worded it, this isn’t threadworthy to be completely honest.
I mean, we do have a thread to prevent half-assed pictures from getting threads, because if we didn’t this subforum would get cluttered with shit or half-assed stuff that needs improvement.

I thought it was pretty epic. Could you make a version of mewtwo stepping on Ivy Valentines crotch?

I was expecting something with more effort put into it.

Oh god its Ryu-Gi

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