Not One Of Us

Not a lot of flashy editing here. IMO Less = More in this image. This is going to be my last thread for a while, don’t worry, I’m not going to make 3,652,201 Hotline Miami threads.

You should’ve edited the suit color to make it fit the others. The problem truly is a peculiar one in this picture. On one hand it would look good if his suit had a different color, like light blue or basically any color. On the other hand his suit could just be the same color as everybody else’s. But in this case you made it kind of look like everybody else’s but at the same time make it slightly blueish, which makes it look like somebody pasted him inside and forgot to adjust the color balance. Maybe desaturating the entire thing by 80% would fix this.

I personally like the idea of empty suits, seeing as it should be explored more, you could try doing some sort of a custom scenebuild. Maybe if you listen to this : on gm_black while making a scene with these suits, something might come out.

His suit was meant to be a different color, in order to make him stand out. Notice that his suit is entirely different from theirs, it has a completely different cut and a completely different button arrangement. He’s a complete outlier. I used an alternate skin for him instead of the default black and white one because I wanted clear difference, even if only small.

your faceposing is always so exaggerated

I’ve honestly never noticed that. I’ve gotten criticism for not doing faceposing more than a few times, so maybe it’s subconscious?

Salvador, what I meant was that if you’re gonna make him stand out, make him stand out more. I think what Joaz meant was that the mouth is opened a bit too much.