Not played for a while. New updates scare me. Questions I need answering.

First of all I must say that the new update scares me. I logged in for the first time in roughly two months and the first thing I saw was a naked hairy man running at me with his junk swinging freely in the wind carrying a rock. Let’s say say I turned and ran (not knowing that I too was a naked hairy man running with my junk swinging freely in the wind!).

I love the whole new concept of starting out as nothing but a caveman with a rock and working your way up to being a military commando with the best armour and weapons around, but the main question I REALLY need to ask is this.

Why are all the loot spawns still confined to such a small area? The rad wall is gone yet there is nothing past where it used to be. I managed to kill a few boars and cook all the chicken meat (I find the concept of a naked man with a rock killing a boar, and then beating its corpse with a rock to farm chicken fillets and cloth hilarious by the way!) and then went off exploring past the old rad wall. I found nothing but a few old shacks and houses that had been looted just past the rad wall and then nothing but trees.

WoW’ It’s Beta!

I like your point, UnholyKyono. Im 11 and was looking foward to buying rust but now, with the naked harry guys with there junk I dont wanna get the game as much :/… Im just requesting somewhere in the settings where u can disable the peoples harry penises. :smiley:

Yeah please stay away from Rust. Not only because youre 11 but also because you linked your playstation account XD
I wish every 11 year old would think like that.

I also hate Harry penises, they are the worst.

Lol, ur late :confused: sorry i already bought the game. Umm but i think its fine. The penises aren’t easy to see or there kinda blurry in a way, i kind of forgot the word… lol

Here is how you turn off the penis in game. Don’t look at it, just don’t care, or get use to the human body. I literally hear girls at my work talk about images way worse than a dumb penis, which we all have unless otherwise.

I don’t get why this is such a big deal. Every man on the planet has a penis… Nothing new to see. I find it hilarious.

Wow, wow wow. Check your identifying privilege, shitlord. Not every man has a penis.

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it´s early Alpha