Not really a beg or anything just a real question

I’ve seen so many people with the rust key that hate the game and dont play this game and yet i see so many people just craving to play this game like me. So why cant we implement a ssystem where ifsomeone does not like the game with a rust key just give up their account or like deactivate it so garry can give new keys away?

(User was permabanned for this post ("Rust beggar" - verynicelady))

Garry does give new keys away.

Also, people probably want the full game so they keep their account.

If I have a TV but don’t use it that often and don’t like the channels am I obligated to give the TV to you?
That’s what I thought

I’ll rather pay for it when it comes out :wink:

Ok? That’s good for you I guess.

that is a good point but this is not a tv its a game that millions want.

It’s the same point regardless.