Not receive my key

Hi Guys,
I buy a key but I don’t receive it.
I think that’s beacause my adress mail fail. So I contact the service Facepunch but after three days I don’t have any anwser. So I just want to know if somebody have the same problem like me. Or if anyone can help me.

Have you done this -> ?

They are pretty overloaded right now. Have you looked in your spam folder?

Did you look in the Email you used to pay for with ? Should be some mails from paypal there confirming your purchase . IF not it didn’t go thru.

Yes I have done the ticket. It did not change anything.
I don’t receive mail from paypal for confirm my payment. I know that Garry and is team are overloaded. But I pay my key so I want to receive it … That’s normal.

Are you SURE you actually PAYED for it? If you didn’t recive an email from paypal something is wrong. Cheek your bank account to see if any money has been taken to pay for the game.

On my paypal account that write : Payment: FINISH. So I don"t understand anything.
My money was encase.

Well are you sure you checked the inbox of the PAYPAL email address that you used to pay? In junk/spam folder too. You should receive three emails if I’m not wrong. Go into your paypal account and see if the transaction maybe failed or something happen.

My friend didnt received his key too… 2 or 3 days i think…

EDIT> he received the key, registred but didnt received the password

Read what I wrote above and do it all. Then come back

I look. All are goods. So that’s maybe a failed with my adress mail I think because it’s not the first time that bug. So maybe this is it. Or it’s another problem.

Well if it all works and you can see FP Studios taking a payment from you on paypal do the following steps:

Step 1: Make sure your paypal email is correct.
Step 2:Wait another day for the ticket.
Step 3: do another ticket with a screenshot of the paypal payment and attach it . Try to explain as much as possible.
step 4: ???
Step 5: Profit

So How he get his key ?
Nobody in the service reply to me ! :frowning:

Well I’m sorry but I’m just another member in this forum. I can’t do anything else to help you get your key. The only thing I can do is to share my knowledge with you.

The only thing you can do is what I wrote above. Sorry mate, everyone are under some pretty heavy pressure!

But it all points at something being wrong with your email/paypal

I have the confirmation that FP studio get my payement but when I buy the key I think I give a wrong adress mail and I correct this on paypal. I’m not sure…

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I know ^^. Thanks so much for your help ! You’re a good man !