Not responding

Every time my Gmod connects to a server, or when I play single player, when it says “Sending Client Info” and “Retrieving Server Info” my Gmod says “Not Responding” I wait and about 2-3 mins later it starts working.

This has happened to me ever since I got gmod, like 2 years ago. Its not a huge problem, but it does waste a lot of time. All my friends connect to servers a lot faster then me.

Its not a huge problem, if you know how to fix it. Please post.


Uh, that happens.

Tap escape before reaching ‘Sending client info’

Thanks for the post, but sadly, I already know “that happens”.

Anything else thats unhelpful?

How about you try what I suggested rather than bitching about how nobody is helping?

I tried that and my screen when black, then started minimizing and maximizing my game, both my screens went crazy, and then started saying “Input not supported”, I had to open task manager and force close.

I wasn’t bitching that know one is helping, I was stating that I already knew what happens, people don’t need to post just to see their own avatars, or to prove that they know how to type.


New problem.

“SteamStartup() failed: SteamStartup(0xf,)x0012E9C) failed with error 1:failed to take master pipe connection lock”

Gmod was launching but it would be loaded for like 90% of the load bar, then minimize and would go back max.

Now it gives me that error when it launchs.