Not rly a bug but better if solved


Sorry for my english i do my best! :slight_smile:

My “problem” is a little bug. If i use pickaxe my hand is black like i wear kevlard suit. But if i switch to bow its naked. I think it would be better if your hand shows the Vest what u wear. So if i wear kevlar show the kevlard vest black with bow, rock, pickaxe, m4 etc. but if i got rad vest show green suit with every item.

Thx for reading, Jampo ^^

they should fix the weapon models when you look at other players first

It’s only because they haven’t made new view models (the client-side model you see when you have a specific weapon out) for each set of armor. They’ll work on purely-aesthetic things later. It’s not impacting gameplay, so don’t worry about it.