Not safe, even on Christmas

C&C. I had to reconstruct this pose from scratch after Gmod decided to crash when I tried to save my progress partway through the first time around. See if you can spot Gman…

I like it. The posing is good. Try finger posing the guy on the guitar. Well, at least the hand playing the strings. Other than that, I like it! Have an Arty.

Gman is behind the woman in the red tops leg.

The posing of the guitar-man’s fingers are a little bit… Default?

I wouldn’t walk out in public with a gun in my hand.

The guitar posing is pretty bad.

The guitar pose should look open ended (I really don’t know how to make a realistic pose on an instrument I don’t play). Maybe he paused briefly? There’s any number of explanations for why he isn’t touching the strings in a really proper way. Maybe he’s a horrible musician…

The dude in the front with the green shirt looks so angry that he is going to go home and kick his dog.

Where do you get those skins?

The wire looks badly done and what’s with the smudge or blur around it?

Gman is skiing?

Nobody seems to have noticed that the cable looks like it was drawn in.

Otherwise, it’s a pretty nice pose, and I like the subtlety.