Not see my own server on internet list

I cant see my own server on internet list, my friends can join to the server btw any fix?

in garrysmod/garrysmod/cfg there is a file named server.cfg. Open it with Notepad (preferrably notepad++ because it is da best)

Make sure you have a like that strictly says “heartbeat” without the quotations of course. This is typically the issue as it’s what allowed it to be viewed on the online servers, basically giving your server “life” lol. Best way I see it.

Try adding sv_region # to your server cfg

-1: Do not list server (also occurs when you do not set a value!)
0: East Coast USA.
1: West Coast USA.
2: South American Continent.
3: Europe.
4: Asia.
5: Australia.
6: Middle East.
7: Africa.
255: International / other location.

Also add sv_lan 0 to your server.cfg

Sublime or just stop whatever it is you’re doing. lol

Excuse me?

not working

Well then we’re gonna need more details. Is it a dedicated server, private server hosted from your PC. Do you have the game mode set right and they are looking in the right place. More info the better.

sv_region and pretty sure heartbeat have nothing to do with listing servers now because of the new way valve automatically sorts servers closest to your geo ip.

Was meant as a joke, relax. Everyone has there own opinions.