Not So Gentleman

My replaced second entry into turtlehead’s fancy contest. I also have a story arch with my pictures.


Wallace. M. Breen, living a lonely life in Facepunch with nothing to do was very sad. That is until one day he received an invitation from an unknown man to have tea with him in gm_construct. He said it was important. Breen was a little suspicious but he could not dismiss it. When he arrived, he found himself in a dark room save for a lamp that had shown the outline of the figure. The stranger was kind to him and offered him some tea. The stranger than explained to Breen he wanted to help him get out of his depression. So he told Breen of a contest that Turtlehead was hosting. The theme was “Fanciness.” and he thought Breen had potential. Breen was reluctant first but then agreed. So he then dressed up fancy and had his portrait taken. He then eagerly submitted it to the contest. But after awhile, he saw it get bad reception. People thought it was awful and they began flaming him for it. They all laughed on how bad it was and it’s horrible posing. Breen’s life had turned from being a fancy man back to his depression state of horror. Breen was humiliated. He removed the picture of his portrait and instead replaced it with this. “Not so Gentleman” he called it. It was a blurred antique photo of him weeping at the trainstation. It was the last thing he did before he disappeared without a trace. No one knows where he went but this picture was the only clue he left behind.

Not so gentle man? So he’s not very good at dealing with fragile objects?

:eng101: Gentleman.

I purposely did that. It’s part of the clue to where he is.