Not so lucky - Dead US tanker lying on his tank.

C&R. How could I improve it?
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seems somewhat out of place with the photo, otherwise really good.

Did he shoot himself? 'Cause I can’t see one single enemy.

Tank seems in tip top shape for the US guy to be dead. :stuck_out_tongue:

You don’t need to have a flaming tank to be a dead tanker, you know. There’s a plenty of reason to bail out of a tank and get shot.


I dun see any blood dripping down the side.

Maybe it was a sniper who shot him and hes hiding in the grass wearing camo clothing.

Yeah, because that makes out realism, doesn’t it?

Ever saw real war footage?

Excelent picture, pMnky!
I wanna see more! : )

Maybe he farted and passed out when he got the door open.


Sad photograph. Nice tank model though, where’s it from?


You should erase part of the tank treads so that it looks like it’s sinking into the grass like it would in real life.

He looks kind of ridiculous posed like that. The editing is cool, though.

Forgotten Hope (FH) tank pack somewhere on FP. Thanks for you comment! :wink:

Nice lighting.

Lol, lucky is on the side of the tank.

u did well :smiley:



It was a spy. He looks a little akward to me, be i still like it.