Not Spawning with guns

In my server no one spawns with guns. i am wondering if anyone can help me.

Can we please get a sticky for this, mods? I swear a 10’er asks every single day.
sbox_weapons 1 in console, or go to maps settings when choosing a map.

Sbox_weapons is set to one and its all maps that do it. I dont know what you mean “sticky” the server is on Darkrp.

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Mod on the server are: drugzmod, PAC2, zoeyclimbswep,rynosarusguns,skinswitcher,smartsnap,easyprecision,VuMod,Wire.

I think we need a new list of FAQ so posts like stop coming up so much. I swear I’ve answered this 15 times :byodood:


sbox_weapons 1

Type that in console.

That is in console i never did figure the problem out, so fuck you i know what im doing no one else had answer. ^-^

I did say it was set to one in the other post if you can even read dumb ass.

Sorry, I was tired when I wrote that.

DarkRP is the problem, its and RP script. So you have to modify (something) to change what the player spawns with. (I can’t remember what the lua file is named)

you don’t spawn with weapons in darkrp. because your not supposed to. it rp.

And there is no use for language. Stop being a jerk