Not sure what certain mods do.

Hey everyone I recently started playing Garry’s mod and was wondering about some addons I downloaded. I got the links from that svn tutorial here somewhere( don’t have the link ). The problem is I have no idea what these addons do. I tried googling them but didn’t really see much explaining them.

The addons in quesiton are:
Custom Addon framework
Life support 3
Life support entities
Resource distribution 3
Spacebuild 3

 Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Are you asking what they do?

Life support is used in spacebuild, where you build ships and all, and in underwater crap.
resource distribution IS used for spacebuild/life support.
DarkRP is a shitty RP gamemode.
CAF is used for life support if i’m correct…

Stargate is a portal-like gate. Based on a show.


[offtopic]Win show is win[/offtopic] Anyway the download links usually give information on the addon you are downloading.