Not sure what to call this honestly.

“I can see my parents…they’re so happy…they want me to come with them…”

EDIT: Not sure how I feel about this one. I was working on making it a comic but I don’t think I’d be happy with it because I can’t possibly put this much work into every panel.

Looks like she’s crying blood.

Otherwise I like the wounds you did on the other one. Well made.

It’s all supposed to be outside except the mouth and cheek but this purple blood shit is a pain in the ass.

Hardlight lasers

How did you even make it look so amazing? D:

Welcome to the future! A lot has changed since we abolished physics in 2025!

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Thank you! It’s mostly shit loads of hard work, years of experience, and a few garbage bags full of dumb luck.

Why can’t you be my teacher D:

holy shit this is good shit

too good

Great shot

Idea for the title: ‘I am now die’

I like how the soldiers are wearing metric fucktons of armour but the girls are wearing bright yellow pressurized gimp suits

i see the two guys in the back about to cross streams

Heh… blue lasers,
What nerds.
Seriously though, nice pic.
Great edit.

cuz they’re pr0 l137 bro 2 kool 4 amror

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They’re so nerdy they all shelled out the $300 for Arctic Spiders and taped them to their guns haha.

“Not sure what to call this”

How about:
Too Late
or more in keeping with a video game theme:
A Typical Rescue Mission

Forgot to say this is absolutely epic, and the only criticism I have is those tears look awful blood-like.

They could be civie engineers or something. As long as the suits look so different, including colour schemes, I don’t think it’s something to care that much about.

Well I was leaning more towards the generic “better than everyone else” suit, because they’re all special and cool and stuff, so they don’t need the usual armor. Of course, I generally don’t think about things like that all too much, I was forced to use the Cerberus armor for the millionth time because I needed something that would match the BLTD helmet that I really wanted to use.

I have more frames that explain the story but I won’t be able to get at them much until later this week. I think I would like to develop this more, I’ll see how it goes.

Blacklight Retribution has chicks and Taggart said he’s working on ports from that game last I checked.

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Lightning’s revenge is begin.

Oh I’m excited for this.

There cannot escape.

wow those suits look ridicilous
MMMMMMMMMM suck all that air outta 'em

Uh? I apologize on behalf of Bioware? But please, do find me a better one. Perhaps I should use something more original, say, someone wearing a suit and a gas mask. That’s really cool and original and has never been done before, right?