Not sure why I am EAC banned

Hello Everyone,

I was recently playing rust and I am honeestly not sure why I am banned. I was wondering if I could possibly get an explanation?
“MrRoboto1234” was banned

(User was permabanned for this post ("paid hacks" - Orkel))

Did you forget to load the kernel mode driver?

Whats that?

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I’m currently trying to find out if it’s enabled and if not I’m trying to enable it.

it’s the BlueShield icon on the bottom left corner of the cheat launcher

I don’t have a cheat launcher though?

He’s subtly trolling you saying you were banned for using a known cheat.

So that means one of 2 things. Either you used a cheat and are playing dumb in hopes of having the ban reversed, or you granted access to your Steam library to someone using Family Share and they cheated.

Either way, you’re permanently banned.