Not the best raider. Need some basic advice

How do i keep building to jump the high exterior stone wall without landing on barbed wire and get chewed up?

Stand juuuust below being building blocked, and build what you can as high as you can. You would be able to get another stair on that upper roof if you could build all that.

In this picture, you can actually make it over the wall by bandage spamming, and slowly moving through the barb. Make sure you’re always at 100% health, because once you start sliding down, shit will fuck you up.

Yes i built that foundation and stair and ceiling. Jumped over but got eaten by barb.

So set all tool belt to bandages and meds?

when you’re not moving in the barbs, you won’t take damage. So just heal up completely before you start moving again. Have cloth on you so you can make bandages as you go.

Lets say i built 2-3 stories high. When jumping does the high exterior stone wall still pull you down in it?

You can clear it with enough height, sure. However if you “catch” the barb at all, it will halt your forward momentum and pull you down and in. You’ll get a good sense for how much height you need to clear it. Like I said before, there is no danger of dying so long as you prepare yourself with full health and meds.

The trick is having an exit strategy. Most people will make claim cupboards (a 1x1 with cupboard inside) around the interior of the wall. A good practice is to have two people jump in, and then have one person boost the other onto the cupboard, and use that to jump back over again with the goods + your friends gear.

just build as high as possible jump over the wall cuz the fall damage is far less then the wall.

I say just make it a bit further out then make it higher then make it like a diving board so you can jump into the base. (You Probs need Full health cause ya might die by fall damage)



Chop the wall