Not the Face

Yeah take that plasma, take it all you filthy whore.

Oh, dear… Those shadows… They need to look blurred, not spray painted.

FemShep has some weird finger and faceposing. If you’re about to get plasma’d (presumabely in the face) the hands and forearms would be protecting said face form said plasma. Nor should the fingers be curled quite so much. Oh, and the eyes should probably be closed. It looks kinda strange to be turning away from your executioner only to look at something else.

Left hand of asari isn’t fingerposed at all. Always fingerpose, even if the hand is doing nothing. The stock hand always sticks out in pics.

The background isn’t terribly Mass Effect-y. Looks very much like Half Life 2.

Pic should probably should go here.

Anything I missed, Joazzz? You’re better at this critiquing shit than I.

the first things i noticed were the terribly boring lighting, dull angle and DEAR GOD THAT FLOOR TEXTURE