Not the most ideal conditions

Another scenebuild

I haven’t done a snow scene since like…

Ever. I’ve only done one snow picture before, so this is basically my first time trying to make a snowstorm.

Criticism appreciated

[sp]The floating l1A1 is actually being carried by the carrying handle but you can’t really see it.[/sp]

That one guy’s L1A1 appears to be just floating near his hand.

He’s actually carrying it by the carrying handle
but you can’t really see it.

I really like this picture, the dude collapsing in the back really sells it. Great work homeskillet

The snow IMO is coming from the side too harshly, it needs more of an angle. The shadows are a little too sharp, but other than that everything else is preetty goood.

Oh, and the trees in the far back stick out for being bright bright white

But it’s all nitpicking, it’s really nice.

Not bad I like this alot!

Great job.

It’s great, the snow though should be more random in the sense that there should be multiple layers with slightly different degrees of direction - like +/- 5 degrees for some layers.

This could of greatly benefited from some variatead walk poses and SDoF.

Tried to add some variation with walking but kind of ran out of ideas for how to pose them.

This is quite grizzling.

These poor Englishmen have clearly been without a good kettle for far too long.

Please don’t joke about such things. There’s lines you don’t cross, and that’s one of them!

On a serious note, I really like this picture, man. Well done!

And what about the SDoF? Or a Z-Pass at best.

I didn’t really think SDoF would fit, I can’t think of any good places to focus it either.

Sorry I keep coming back to this but I’m trying to get in the swing of critiquing, but anyway, variation in the walk cycles would’ve been easy. When you look at the first 4 guys you can tell that there’s a certain stiffness about it, mainly because you’ve used the moreorless same walk for each. If you take a look at the below image you can see there’s a little more life to it with contortion and different stages of a walk.