Not thinking about VR right now is a mistake

I’ve been stewing on the message Garry left in the S&box discord. He said

I couldn’t give much of a fuck about VR right now
it’s not any type of priority
but it is something we should do

I was initially disappointed but understood their perspective that they personally don’t really care about VR, but after thinking about it, I think it would be insanely beneficial to make a plan for VR.

I think the S&box team should really think about how they’re going to tackle it before release.
Here are some questions to inspire a plan, I don’t expect you to answer them, just make sure you’re aware of possible problems.

  • Are VR and Pancake players going to be playing together?
  • Will their be a standard compatibility mode so even when addon devs don’t add specific VR support things will still kinda work? (like the current Gmod VR mod that’s hacked together)
  • Will default entities (prop_door, func_button, etc) have natural vr support?
  • What kind of tools would devs need to make gamemodes VR and pancake crossplay?
  • Will props need manual handposes to pickup or will you do procedural ones?
  • If you add VR support after the fact, will addons or maps need to be updated?
  • Will the default VR player controller be similar to HLA, Boneworks (LOL doubt), or something else?
  • How will Facepunch deal will the influx of people with $3000 of VR trackers having erotic roleplay servers where lonely people hump the air alone in their bedroom?
  • How would a spray pattern work in VR?
  • Will VR (and potentially non-vr) hardware manufacturers have an API to write addons that connect to their hardware?
  • Why did my Dad leave me?

These are some interesting questions to think about, I’m not expecting answers, just don’t want to be playing S&box in VR down the line and I’m not able to open a door cause the map was made before VR support.

EDIT: Just to make clear, I’m not asking for VR support to be ready by release. Just for them to plan it out. I don’t know if that was clear so I’m adding this.

VR has to be the single biggest feature that makes me want to buy s&box. From past experiences, just the ability to make stuff in VR is so cool that I can’t actually describe it properly. (On this note, anyone who has a PSVR I recommend playing Dreams)

VR support will require changes to the player controller, which is all addon code. It’s up to us to decide how we want the experience of both types of players to be. We can probably expect a super basic controller from facepunch, similar to the current player one.

From what I’ve seen, we don’t really have a sense of “default entity”, we can make our own and they’re all defined in addon code, so any VR addon can just change them. (I may be wrong here)

(If talking about image sprays) Sprays aren’t a thing in s&box 2. If you want sprays then you’ll have to make an addon, and at that point it’s up to the addon creator. (A spray can you can use in VR would be cool)

Pop out the champagne bottles.

(If talking about weapon sprays) I would personally actually implement recoil rather than just a spray pattern, take how Hotdogs Horseshoes and Handgrenades does recoil.

I’m really looking forward to messing around with a decent VR sandbox game on PC, there’s a bunch of cool asymmetric gameplay possibilities, and the ability to use a sane API from facepunch (rather than the garbage ones in Unity and Unreal) is awesome.


Don’t expect every single gamemode in the game to support VR, it’ll be VERY broken if they just smack VR into every gamemode by default. After Facepunch will add VR support - it is completely up to gamemode devs to add it to the gamemodes.


Not expecting that. Expecting Facepunch to add VR support in the way they intend to the fullest intent.


These were rhetorical questions. Just asking to make a plan.


idk what this means but I assume close to HL:A


I think they should definitely prioritize adding VR.

This is how I visualize it:

Each server owner can define if their server is VR/Desktop compatible server, or soley for Desktop or soley for VR in the server settings.

as simple as letting the server owners decide.

But yeah if they did priotize adding VR i think it would hit a bigger market and would actually just replace VRChat considering its a way more versatile engine then unity IMO, just look at VRChat, not many modder’s can do much for that game, so i really think S&Box would literally blow VRChat out of the water. Way more game modes, much more stable engine. It would be the #1 VR game on the market. I think it really needs to be done before official launch.

I honestly think that it would blow up all over Twitch and bring so many people into VR, that just my opinion but I really think it would be insanely smart for Garry and his SQUADTEAM420 to get that working before launch.

Also your dad says he will be home soon hes just out getting a pack of ciggies at 7/11

And since the servers can be decided, it wouldn’t affect the players looking to solely play desktop. It’ll be a god tier game for both systems.


Being able to use a physics gun in VR sounds really cool.
Noclip movement also seems like it wouldn’t be too bad, for reducing sickness there could probably be a just teleport movement that isn’t tethered to the ground.


No they definitely shouldn’t prioritize VR.

Should they add it somewhere in the future? Yes.
Should they build current systems with future VR support in mind? Yes.
Should they focus on it right now? Hell no.

There’s still a lot of work being done that takes priority, the game isn’t even in the hands of anyone outside of Facepunch yet and I’d imagine they want to give the rest of the developer features a bit of time to mature before adding an entirely different way to play the game.


but it makes a lot more sense to be able to work with VR from the very beginning of addon development since that allows to better make both work.

since I doubt many developers would want to make their addons VR compatible after already working on it quite a lot.

so giving devs at least a base to work with would already do wonders for VR development in s&box.


I think the point is that there are many engine features yet to be developed that would be important for any environment, VR or Desktop, and that focus should remain on until the game is a bit further along.


I think VR would be nicer a bit later on, getting the base stuff done now is what’s important. You can always add VR support but you can’t take away what’s being made already.

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i personally think that being able to use vr in a physics sandbox like this with the possibility of addons is why I’m most excited! source 2 has such good vr support and i think that being able to create a vr chat but better is one of the many reasons i fell in love with this concept as a whole. plus being able to create custom models and props just seems like the cherry on top. i am glad to think of this like garry’s mod 2 now with vr.


I think the choice to not waste time on VR is more of a business choice, VR is a very-very-VERY niche market, there are few people that own one to begin with not to add that you need a somewhat decent computer to run it in the first place ( which with the silicon shortage is now more of a luxury than it ever was before ), its a good example to look at the VR specific games, their playerbase is very small, this is the same story as with Linux, yes would be nice to have Linux support, but for the amount of sales that would bring it is simply not worth the effort.

And I just wrote all of this only to realize this post was dead for a long time stop with the necromancy you swine!


This niche community still has millions of users. Actually, if it’s so niche with not enough good games for it, you can imagine how many VR users would get hooked to S&Box. VRChat is one of the biggest VR communities out there and now compare that to S&Box. S&Box offers so much more compared to VRChat, meaning many if not most VR users will switch over to S&Box - isn’t that crazy?

VR/PC crossplatform adds so many more opportunities than just flatscreen - at Valve it’s the next big project we’ll see(Citadel). Imagine such gamemode for S&Box:

How about a slow, methodical, tactical shooter where team of 4 PC players explore and clear out an abandoned factory/spaceship filled with unknown aliens while a 5th player in VR sitting in a control room coordinates them?

How about an Alien Isolation gamemode from GMod, but the Xenomorph is in VR, allowing it to better hide and move around the environment?

Hell, imagine all the Roleplays where instead of using “/me” to act out an action, you actually do it in real life?

VR is something S&Box needs like salt at some point, maybe not right now when it’s early in development, but eventually it has to be done.


Very specific idea but actually sounds kinda interesting. The “Guy in the Chair” could have multiple monitors to keep track of to relay information to their teammates and multiple buttons, switches, and levers they could interact with to change the environment of the people they’re working with.

Or the flipside of this would be that the other players are in a Deathrun situation and the VR player has to keep track of them and activate traps to slow or incapacitate them as they run.


You need more content than just one guy sitting in a chair though…

In fast paced shooters with both mouse & kb players and VR, the mouse & kb players would be waiting around for the VR guy constantly to the point of frustration or baby-sitting… then people would chuck their VR headsets

A slow co-op game with both playing the same roles would have to be 90% explore/puzzles, 10% combat…

Pure escape/puzzle rooms would favour VR guys

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Right, this was just a quick example. And I’d say such slow coop could work pretty well actually, a game I could compare it to is GTFO. This type of game isn’t a pure combat and focuses on stealth and pathfinding using all sorts of tools - adding a 5th VR player to this could work very well. You could also use the VR player instead of a director like in L4D - Valve actually experimented wit this concept when developing AR, where the medkits, special zombies, guns, etc. were controlled by one AR player with overhead view of the map.

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Yeah I mean that’s an engine that’s got built in vr support, and a good one at that. Scrapping it instead of converting it to c#/addon code seems like a huge waste.

I too, have bought an expensive headset and don’t have any more games to play now. /s

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I think they’re competent enough to make default entities support vr. Half-Life Alyx’s doors already support both pancake mode and VR, they can just use those.

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