Not this shit again...

WTF with such users
I was hoping that this issue been fixed two weeks ago =_=
This user does not try to connect so many times!!! all these errors gives the server itself (it ddosing it self)
The only way to stop the message, kill sleeping player but that wont kick him from server.
He will continue to be displayed in the status list with ping (-1) have to restart the server.

FIX this shit please…

haters gonna hate…

yeah yeah ready for ban =_=

ah yes this error repeats 273K TIMES!!!

(User was banned for this post ("undescriptive thread title. Yet again. Next ban is permanent." - postal))

What are you on about?

Nobody has any idea WTF you’re talking about.

Hey maximum over maybe if you don’t have any Idea what he’s talking about I recommend just not replying?
Are you kidding me? You are not smart enough to understand what he is talking about and you still vote HIM dumb?

Wow what a great display of smartness in this forums. Somebody reports an error that he can’t properly describe and everybody calls it dumb instead of replying and trying to be helpful :smiley:
You post is not dumb Cyber hunter… dont listen to those people. They are just trying to vote twice the dumb votes they receive… like exponential growth of dumb votes.

There seems to be a problem with users being refused to connect for some reason. And there seems to be a loop that’s not supposed to be there.
DO you have any plugins running if yes, what plugins?
Or is this on vanilla?
Any Idea what causes them not to connect properly?
Will this happen for every user or only for a few ones?
Try talking to the users and asking them when they get kicked.
Try giving more information on how this is happening.

I’m Hoping this is a vanilla server, because this could explain on what is happing on the official servers aswell, I took a brief look at the list and there one point where he disconnecting 16 times in one second. which also mean potentially he connected 16 times in that one second. But looking at it, it is potentially a deliberate attack

in my experience, when we used to rent servers and there was a DDoS / DoS or sync flood whatever attack we have always been informed by our providers and our service was offline a few minutes due that. I think it is not an attack like you stated but rather a loop caused by something.


I don’t believe OP is suggesting this is a DDOS attack, he was simply likening it to one. The same thing happens on my vanilla server with a particular player or two. It makes the console impossible to use. Kicking the player does bupkiss, I might add.