Not updating

Is there any way to play the game without Steam updating it? Every update this game just gets fucking worse and worse. At least if I stop updating now, it may still be just about playable.

Oh and if you think I’m retarded, name the last GOOD Garry’s Mod update.

Well even if you succeed to overpower the mighty automatic steam updates there will still be the problem with having a previous version than every single server in the world.

In Steam, right click on the game itself, select properties, select the updates tab. Right where it says automatic updates, select from the scroll menu “Do not automatically update this game”.

I feel embarassed… still tho, my point stands. No online for you unless there is a server made specialy for a specific version of gmod and you happen to have JUST IT! =/


He doesn’t want shitty updates ruining his game?!

Every single fucking post of yours in this section has been FUCKING COMPLAINING about the updates. Can’t you just shut the fuck up and think for a minute? You better be glad he is updating the game.

If you haven’t noticed on the previous threads I said I am thankful. This guy above me just didn’t understand what the guy said so I “translated” it for him!

As I said, name the last GOOD Garry’s Mod update where Garry didn’t break something.

The game is so complicated that getting anything done is bound to break something. Posts like this don’t change anything, so just accept that it updates, something breaks, it gets fixed or lost forever.