Not viewing the pointshop 2 weapons after purchase

Since recently when I have updated our surf game mode from the script fodder surf to the Flow surf game mode ( Flow Surf which is downloadable via however, since then I have been experiencing several problems, one of them is that I can’t show any weapons which in my case are knives that I have brought on pointshop 2… I know it’s the game mode which is causing this problem but I can’t find evidence/functions/scripts anywhere within the Flow Surf game mode files which stop the weapons from showing. The only weapons that do show in your hands are the ones that the game mode owns which are commands like “!knife”, “!usp”, etc… I would really appreciate if someone could help me find out how to enable the weapons to show in your hands. Thank You Very Much!

Make a ticket on scriptfodder.

I’m using a different game mode which has a different author as far as I’m sure.

Pointshop 2 only has one author refer to the above post

I wonder why you aren’t sending a support ticket. Oh! Thats right, your using leaks instead of support us, the people who work hard on these scripts.

I’m have moved onto another account as I didn’t actually use leaks, when I first began to have a server… like everyone, at the start you have no experience so I let some guy be my developer which was the one who got leaks to the server. He added an addon which apparently was a hacked addon from what I can remember and so someone I’ve never seen came on having superadmin with all of the detail to my file directory for the server. He checked the server addons and said, You will be reported for using leaks which at the time, I didn’t know what it meant, therefore, I ignored until like a year later which was when I realised what “Using Leaks” mean. :confused:

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I’m guessing it’s too late to make a ban appeal because it’s been like 2 years since as well as I’ve brought a £120+ worth of addons on my other account. I can promise you that I respect everyone’s hard work on their creations. I can also confirm that I own pointshop 2 on scriptfodder.