Not working LS2 waepon mounts and otehr entities

Hello, Today i got some kind of error, so, i havedecided to reinstall gmod, sio, i reinstalled it and again added all svns, but when i connect to server or start singleplayer and spawn the 4-wepon sviwel mount, or how it is called i got a blue error in the error lua log, so, can you please help me fix that? everthing other is working well

My scpecs:
CPU: Intel Core i7 2.83 2.00 GHZ
RAM: 3.6 GB (4 GB, but i have 32bit system)
Graphics. nVidia GeForce GTX 285

I have tryed to get addons from old gmod, but still dont working

What is the Error? That would help a lot…


This is related to the Vector/Angle update, just wait for a SB update.

LS2 won’t ever get updated. It’s old. You’ll have to use LS3.

I am using ls3!

That’s SBEP, or Space Build Enhancement Project, thank you for reading the error.

But yes, the Vector/Angle update messed up a lot of vector and angle code. Simply navigate to the line in the error, and change Vector to Angle, and problem solved.