not working...why??

Okay I asked a few ago that I couldnt figure out where to save the files that I uploaded from, onto Garry’s Mod, so that I can accually use the download. I’m trying to get Niko from GTA 4 onto there, I downloaded, but I have no idea where I’m suppose to accually save the file. People told me to save it under…


I saved the file right there, but I still cant find it anywhere on Garry’s Mod of Niko! Theres two thigns that I could be doing wrong…

  1. I’m not lookign at the right place on GM, so maybe someone out there knows where that file I saved went to so I can put Niko out.

  2. The guy was wrong, and thats not where they shuld be saved at!

Also, I tried saving at Wiindows/system32…that doesnt work either.







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It’s not where it should be saved at, Its where you need to extract the contents of the zip folder.

You’re an idiot.

Give us a link to the file you downloaded, and we’ll be able to tell you where to place it. :smiley:

… I hope you didn’t say Windows/System32… Man… You are killing your Computer…