Not your ordinary Cleric [Equilibrium style gunfight]

Posing by Ilwrath, editing by me.


Comments, Praise, and Criticism Please! :3:

Fuck yeah, Gorgeus.

I need to watch that movie.

I am commenting it, praising it, and loving it! HAH! you didn’t see THAT one coming did ya!
Anyway… From the original to this, I just gotta say. This is some amazing work!, from the shadows, to the glow of the bullets, to the lasers! Damn that’s hot! I mean the bullets and the muzzle…

I’m gonna say like Xzibit say’s on Pimp my ride with a twist…

Ilwrath… You just got V-ed.

Amazing work and…
Interesting muzzleflash (In a good way).

Bloody epic, awesome pose and awesome editing.

Hmmm I sort of dislike the way the cleric is posed, seems… odd, or his hip is sticking out too much.

And yes, grog has a wise point, the muzzle flash is… odd, and interesting towards that piece of equipment. o.o What I noticed as well, was that there was one exit shot on the closer to screen badie, but 3 shells that were ejected out of the gun. Hmmm…

Awesome otherwise, as usual.


First 2 shots missed?


Yes you do.

Or else this will happen to you:

I guess I should go rent it…

If I’m the guy then AWESOME! But if I’m one of the soldiers, damn.

I loved it.

I love it! May i just ask though, What model have you used for the Cleric?


No you may not.

BAH, that’s nothing compared to the WANTED gun fight.


And that’s only half of it.

I’ve seen Wanted, and I can tell you right now that Preston is a million times more awesome than that whiny bitch Wesley.

Think about it, Wesley may have killed more people, but the whole time, he was constantly on the move, needed to resort to using cover, yet he still ends up taking a bullet.

Preston on the other hand, kills 8 people, all within 5 feet of him, without moving from a central point, and without taking a single bullet. All while maintaining a cool and collected posture.

Besides, I couldn’t get a vid of the opening gunfight. That is even more epic.

Anyway, can I get some on topic comments here?

I like all of your edits. Where exactly do you get all of these pictures like the muzzleflash and stuff?

Two words:



Well, the people preston killed were all low level soldiers/guards.

The people WESLEY killed were all trained marksmen who guarded a fraternity of super assassins and WERE ASSASSINS THEMSELVES.

The squad led by the chief of the government’s militant police force are low level grunts?

Not to mention that he kills pretty much every other cleric at the end of the movie without even breaking a sweat.

Post something on topic now.

It’s mysterious stranger from Fallout 3 reskinned by me. :V