Note for anyone trying to buy Gmod with the free Portal promo currently going on:

Just clarifying some major confusion regarding the free Portal promotion and trying to purchase Gmod with the promotion.

[li]Any free source game provided by any offer (aTI / Nvidia / Free portal promo for this month) do not provide the SDK and the SDK base required by Gmod.[/li][li]Just to clarify, this means you** cannot** use them as a base to buy Gmod with. You need to have at least one purchased game.[/li][li]After the promo, You still won’t be able to use this free copy to buy Gmod because it’s flagged as a free copy.[/li][li]You can use the content once you have purchased another source game to go with Gmod.[/li][li]Any source game comes with all HL2 content. This means that buying HL2 to go with Gmod is pointless, unless you want to actually play HL2.[/li][li]If you want most content for Gmod, the best combination to get is the CSS + Gmod pack, and then the Orangebox.[/li][/ul]

That should tidy everything up nicely.

It’s just easier for people to link to this so they can see it as a fresh thread instead.

Whoah. I was just about to tell a friend to get Portal + GMOD.

Nice timing, mate. Thanks!

Not a problem. Exactly the reason I posted this :v:.

I have to admit it annoys me to see this madness on my server lately with portal props just because its free this month, it just goes to show how many people ( or 10 year olds should i say? ) who play Garrysmod cannot afford a few dollars/pounds to buy good games and content for Garrysmod, hell when i started gmod i went mad buying everyone source game just for the content in Garrysmod.

But looks like at the end of this free months many players will be dissapointed.

So wait, if a player already has Gmod and they get the Portal free offer, they keep the content, but that doesn’t mean that Portal actually provides the SDK, so they have to have another Source game bought that counts instead, correct?

  1. If you only have portal and go to buy Gmod it won’t work
  2. If you already own another source game (that you actually payed for) that works with Gmod and get Portal you’re perfectly fine

You can’t own Gmod unless you own another source game already (and in this case, Portal if gotten via the free offer will not count).

I’m pretty sure it’s just a free weekend. And yes, this really needed a whole new thread didn’t it.

If you are even thinking of buying gmod, and don’t have counter strike source, buy it with counter strike source. CSS content is very important in gmod. Second is ep2.

It’s a free copy and yep, I did.

The people who have downloaded Portal during this free promotion, will still have Portal after the 24th.

Not if they don’t have any other source games i dont think, but then again i don’t think it would have worked in the first palce so never mind.

I felt rather retarded when I figured out that Half-Life 2 content was included with the other Source games. Looking back, I have no regrets, Half-Life 2 was amazing.