Note to everyone with bad FPS (and bad computers) [Standalone client confirmed]

The web browser you currently is playing on isn’t made for playing games on.
MaxOfS2D said yesterday at around beta, a STANDALONE CLIENTwill be released.

This was announced a long time ago but hey, Great to have some clearer confirmation.

what is the recommended system requirement of this game does it need a really good pc?

Not using a laptop.
(Seriously though, just get a decent graphics card and you are set to go.)

Cool… but what graphics engine they will use to the "standalone"version? Unity dont have a standalone engine right?

You can turn down the “Awesome Level” in game to get better FPS. Mine went from 16-20 to 30 - 40

They’re going to use Unity. Otherwise, they’d have to entirely recreate the game.

Hum… but Unity isnt only for web player? Sry for the dumb question… but im really new to unity games, i just played Rust and one more…

Google could easily answer that question, but I’m sure that Unity has a standalone client.

Great news! Glad to hear this, I expected it but glad that it is confirmed.

While this was confirmed eons ago, maybe this thread’ll stop two or three of the “STANDALONE CLIENT?!?!?!?!” threads.

“Good Ol” Maxofs2d

They’ll use Unity 3D, it has an “offline” kind of engine.