NotePad++ as GLua text editor

Hello, i have some questions about NotePad++ that i would love to get rid

  1. The actual syntax highlight is more updated than sublime text one?

  2. Can i change the theme to one dark? I wouldn’t like to imagine how my eyes would be after hours of work

  3. It supports intellisense?

And i would like to know your opinion about why do you think that notepad++ is better :v


  1. It has Lua highlighting, but not for GLua. Falco made GLua highlighting for Sublime, but not for Notepad++, however.

  2. Yes.

  1. No, but the normal Lua syntax highlighting in NP++ works fine

  1. I think I saw something about it in one of the previous WAYWO threads… I’ve not tried it though.

Oh boy! I worked with notepad 2 years ago, and i liked that i can minimize the functions, also i’m tired of annoying messages about i should buy sublime

Robotboy released an n++ glua syntax highlighter a while back, just google it

Someone released the XML creator for notepad++ a long time ago. It only needed a few changes to bring it to GM13 compatibility and someone released that one as well. It’s a lua file that generates the XML.

-snip-, bad reading

Its not fully complete though, I will release another version when the new update comes out, which hopefully will be soon enough.

Yesterday i started to play with notepad, it’s really useful the contract and expand functions, but i must get used of the autocomplete lack (I know a lot of functions, but i’m dependent of that)

Anyway good work for update it! and i found the way of change the scheme color without white background, that’s amazing!

wait, you can contract functions in sublime last time i checked.

Yeah…But it’s pretty bad compared with notepad ++

I find sublime to be superior in multiple fashions.

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except formatting, holy shit I get random indentations that are annoying as fuck

Exactly! Sublime its freaking beautiful, but i hate when it remove spaces before end or }

Disabling the glua plugin makes life easier than it should :x

I’d have to agree, even with the part about the formatting, although I’m sure there’s some way to turn that off? I haven’t looked into it. One of my favorite features is the fact the GLua Syntax package comes with auto-complete functionality, which I’m pretty sure Notepad++ doesn’t have. This is what I mean by that…

Although I’m not saying it’s by any means necessary, but may save you a few trips to the wiki to confirm a function, and helps you notice ones you may not have used before as well.

Sorry for bumping a few week old thread, it’s just at the time I was currently using Notepad++ and didn’t even get Sublime a chance then so I thought I should add my input for the two. Although NPP is a better choice if you don’t need/want any of the features of sublime or can find plugins that can mimic them, want to practice GLua without all the “guidance”, or you just don’t want to drop about $70 for a text editor. The latter of those I kinda had second thoughts about at first, but to this day I don’t regret my purchase of it.

Also the file browser is quite convenient, saves me the trouble of searching through my folders with explorer, but I’m sure there’s a similar plugin that can downloaded for Notepad++, or maybe a feature it already has that I completely missed.