Brand spankin’ new to the forums, so I apologize if this has already been suggested/requested, but I think it’d be kinda neat to be able to craft readable/writable notes, or even signs that allow you to draw out your message in big sloppy caveman handwriting. Possibly use Charcoal and Paper, or maybe use charcoal and wood to make a pencil and then use pencil and paper to make a note, combine note with more wood for a sign or something. It’d be cool for people who live in large houses together or are, “renting out rooms,” in their buildings, so they could leave notes for other players if they’ve logged out about things like door combo changes, recent raids, etc. Also it’d be cool to put up signs in/around your house telling people to, “f*** off,” or even say if you’re friendly or not. And for raiders, it’d really add that, “middle finger cherry on top,” to be able to leave a note in the now empty house they just blasted into and cleared out, mocking their victims with a text for them to find when they log in to find their house ransacked, or even with tips for better fort security if they are so inclined. I think this feature would add a lot more functional communication to the game, as well as adding some dynamic theatrics/story telling in an unscripted, social interaction based environment.


I had the same idea ^ ^

Exactly what I was thinking. It’d be great for communicating with both friend and foe. Hope to see it come to the game.

Nope simply because the 11 y/o “on their period” kids can’t handle it, and will draw dicks everywhere.

That’ll be half the fun :stuck_out_tongue: plus for every server full of 11 y/o weiner artists there’s at least 2 or 3 witty people that could write some funny shit on there.

Hippo… I know your new but this game is in alpha. They have probably allready started to make it for a later update like more guns (some people complain that there aren’t many guns… ITS IN ALPHA) sorry rant over :wink:

I think it would be a cool idea for this to be implemented but it will quickly get abused. We will see dicks and homophobia everywhere on servers. Maybe just lines of text and no illustrations would work.

I AM NOT 11!!!

Caps for all intense on purposes…

More likely we’d have advertisements for other servers all over the place.

“Brand spankin’ new to the forums…”

I’m new to the forums, but not to the concept Alpha release games (Arma 3 and Day Z, along w/ Rust) this was merely a suggestion/opinion poll for the development process that I’m well aware IS STILL IN ALPHA :wink:

First, the phrase is “for all intents and purposes,” and second, that phrase makes no sense in that context.

Both of which make you sound like you’re 11 or so.

Le Bump

hippo, since you’re new to the forums, you may want to know that bumps are generally frowned upon.
If a thread is meant to die then let it die peacefully :rolleyes:

Also, Garry has said in an AMA that this will be added eventually. Just to set you at ease.

Gotcha, thanks for both of those pieces of info, was not aware of the consensus on bumping :slight_smile:

And yay for signs/notes!