"Nothing left" Metrocop walking through the ruins of City 17 [Scenebuild]


A simple scenebuild.

Also, if you find the posing weird, I have an excuse for that: My FPS sunk very much (Low end computer), and it was hard to pose. I think I did pretty good anyways.

Artistic’s if you like it!

For a fire that far away there wouldn’t be any rimlighting, imo. At the size of it as well.

The rain is waaay to inconsistent, no splashes either? (ground/body/barrels) and you should of erased the rain by the BIG ASS ROCK in front of the camera. Posing is alright.

I tried doing that, but since it didn’t help, I can just completely remove it.

Looks somewhat better. :slight_smile:

He looks really bored :v:

The angle and the scene build are really nice.



Man, I wish I could edit a photo as good as that, “No sarcasm”, I suck ass at Editing :confused:

Looks coolio.

oh my

its nice

Thanks :3:

The editing is great, the camera angle is superb. The only thing bugging me is the rimlightning.
This is how it’s supposed to be done.

Okay, I’m still working on rim-lightning.

What’s up with your widescreen resolution?

Nice dusty stuff and camera angle.


Nice build too.



I’m on my 1280x1024 monitor for the week, so no widescreen.

Holy shit that’s beautiful.