Nothing Respawning?

Ive noticed at the moment that no resources are respawning same with animals. I dont think its just me, I just thought id inform people on this. But its Alpha and there will be Glitches :smiley:

Experiencing the same thing here. Also getting hit for no reason.

Seems like a rendering bug though. Should be fixed soon.

Yeah, hopefully they add more servers as well. :smiley:

Ya, i’ve been trying to play for the last couple of hours, just thinking to myself “well its realistic, animals are hard to find” but cmon, I went 2 hours without finding one animal. And died multiple times due to hunger. I hope the bug is fixed by the time I wake up in the morning.

why respawn no animals in Mountains? i have see in a area Bears and Wolfs In Mountains im in other Area no animals Spawn this is shit :frowning:

i know is alpha i hope in final version spawn animals on the map overall.