"Nothing to report here. Area is clear." - Splinter Cell agents say otherwise...

Sit up for dark image.


Feeling splinter cell-y today. Been playing the Splinter Cell: Conviction demo for awhile now and decided to make this. I certainly can not wait for the co-op.

Well, hope you like it!

A tad too dark.
Otherwise, it’s awesome and has that stealthy touch.

Guy standing looks weird.

And editing just makes it look even weirder.

Dark, but I love the editing you did.

I kinda like the idea with the sun beams being broken up by the dude, reminds me of Mass Effect 2. This is a picture full of nice ideas but execution needs some work.

sun beams look a little weird also ease up on the contrast
posing looks nice

Yeah, I wish I had some better splinter cell models. The ones in the picture can’t be finger posed :frowning:

That was the first time I tried sun beams like that. Took me a while to figure out how to get it like that.