Noticable typing lag in N++ with G Mod Lua

Title says it all really. I’ve been editing stuff with Notepad++ for a while now, and I just started doing stuff in Lua. To my amazement, there was a syntax highlighter for it, but after I installed it, when I edit Lua specifically, there’s a drastic amount of lag when typing. It’s sort of like I can type something, and I can see it type after the fact. I checked RAM and it was only using 6k, with 5 files open, 3 lua and 2 c++ files. I reinstalled the module, but it’s still really laggy.

Anyone have a fix? Is there some version I should be using instead of v5.6.2?

I’ve noticed this before. It was really only on Win7 though – it never failed in XP. What OS are you running?

7, I’m going to try running it in compatibility mode for XP and see if that helps.

Edit: Tried with compatibility with XP SP2 and 3, no luck. I can’t think of why it’s doing this either. Still looking for solutions.

I have windows 7 and it works fine. How much memory is N++ using in task manager?

8k with 4 tabs open:

Been getting more reports like this, did you download my updated version or did you use Garthex’ old (februari) version? I only have noticeable lag when I have way too much open, like today I got it while burning a dvd, unzipping some huge file, playing spacebuild and scripting at the same time.

I have this problem too. I’m using Win7 Pro x64. Dave_Parker, could you please give us a link to the updated version you mentioned?

It’s somewhere on the second page in Lua scripting, or just check my thread history. I also just uploaded to, but it got insta-reported for having a dll.

It’s here:

It also didn’t help at all, except it added more support for lua.

Same here. It’s better than the old one, but it’s still got the lag bug.

Dang you have alot of processes and your ram is bogged down, but other then that n++ looks fine. I can have like 20+ open and it’s still fine on mine.

Heres the version I’m using that works fine.

Garry’s Mod 10 Lua Syntax Highlighter 1.2

The only reason for the huge amount of stuff open is that I was re-running the hldsupdate tool. I can make a video if you like? It’s only Gmod 10. Every single other highlighter isn’t laggy, only Lua.

Edit: Are you on windows 7?

It doesn’t lag at all of my desktop, running Vista 64bit. But it does lag on my laptop running Windows 7 32bit.

I only updated the xml file, the dll is the same but was included for people who didn’t have it yet.

Again, I only notice when I have way too much open, aka not enough available RAM/CPU power.

Just had an idea: Download another plugin/highlighter and replace it’s highlighting with GMod’s highlighting. The basic theory is that the DLL isn’t properly coded for the windows 7 api, and therefore it screws itself up. I’ll test asap.

Edit: Turns out the real way he/she should have created the DLL was using userDefineLanguages.xml and skipped plugins all together. I’m guessing that it’s the DLL, but I cant be certain because nobody else actually used a dll to link it up. uses UserDefineLanguages.xml and it runs fine. Anyone want to match up the xml?

Edit2: I’ll work on it later, if anyone else wants to first, let me know.

No real luck, anyone have other ideas? I feel like I’d need to re-create the whole thing to get it to work :confused:

Yeah I’m running windows 7 64 bit. Maybe try uninstalling N++ and then reinstall it as well as the plugin.

Reinstalled both, same issue. What version of N++ are you using?

version 5.5.1, Did you also try installing this version of the highlighter?

Bloody hell I’ve tried every version that exists. I’ll look for an installer for 5.5.1 later.

Edit: Nope.