Notice to Devs

Hello Devs,

I recently raided someone on my server and they said I had godmode and unlimited c4 even though I didn’t, I did however had godmode on by accident because one of my admins was going around searching for dupers which I did not know because he forgot to tell me about that, so I am sorry about that, but the unlimited c4 thing I didn’t have that. I just had a good amount cause my server had been on for 1-2 weeks with a very small amount of people so I’ve been gathering tons of resources and I got to make all of my c4, so if they do contact you and tell you that they want my server to be blacklisted because of abusive admins, we aren’t I was only in godmode by accident because on of my admins was browsing for dupers and I didn’t know about that, so if they ever want to go on my server again I shall give them their kevlar and weapons back because of this, I am truly sorry for having my godmode on because I didn’t know about that so I am again very very sorry about that and I shall always make sure that I don’t have GM on when I am raided everytime again. Sorry about that, but then again about the c4, it wasn’t unlimited I just had a good amount due to me collecting resources when no one was on, but I did run out of my c4 on the base, and have no more no because they had a good base planned out, so if you guys that I raided ever desire to go on my server again I shall give back the kevlar and weapons you had due to me have gm on accident. So devs I just ask of you to not blacklist my server because I wasn’t abusing at all, except for me having my godmode on by accident. I made sure to tell my other admin that he needs to remind me EVERYTIME he is on admin duty searching for cheaters of this game. Thanks for reading, happy holidays.

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That is kind of abusing anyway. Why do your admins feel the need to “hunt” dupers. Duping isn’t really a big problem right now. You guys should just be taking reports and keeping an eye on people who are reported more than once. As for having godmode on in a public server, I don’t think that should be happening. Your admin should just let people know he is coming if you guys are adamant of interrogating players like that for no real reason or proof. And go naked so he doesn’t lose gear. Don’t use god mode.

They aren’t killing the dupers, they are just looking around to see if people seem to being duping or hacking, it’s just so we can keep the server safe, godmode is just so people don’t kill him, and I would love the idea to have it so they wouldn’t need GM on, but not everyone complies to things, we aren’t really interrogating either we are just looking to see if their are hackers and stuff on, we will try to work this out. But I’ve seen this on other server and it just sounded like a good idea to me to keep the server extra safe from cheaters.

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I contacted another one of my admins about this and he’s going to try to look for more reports instead of just searching for them cause it sort of looks like the admins don’t trust the players.

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Thanks for giving us the suggestion by the way, I think it’s gonna provide a better experience this way so the players don’t feel like the admins are like hating them in a way sorta.

Hard time reading your post…

You should work on your readability.

About your issue, I don’t know about servers getting blacklisted for something like that since it is not forbidden for you to use admin commands.
It is your own choice when or for what you for want to use these commands because you pay for your server.

I still don’t see any admin abuse in it but giving them their stuff back is a good thing.

Sorry about that, I was eating dinner and trying to type this fast, I know the english is horrid, next time I post a wall of text I will grammar, I was just typing quite fast and eating dinner as well