Nova Prospekt Prisoners

[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Nova Prospekt Prisoners

[tab]Version:[/tab] 1

[tab]Description:[/tab] What if Nova Prospekt was a normal jail? I think it’d go something like this.

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] Garry’s mod.

[tab]Download:[/tab] In the description. [/release]

I initially was going to do one version but I decided to do a few more to keep things interesting. I also decided to split these up into separate downloads, so if you don’t like one version you can download the other. Nexus Elite was gracious enough to edit some poses for me showcasing the skins, which you can view here and here.
so if you’d like, drop by his threads and give him an artistic for his effort.

“But J.Barnes” you might be saying “Nova Prospekt doesn’t have prisoners they turn people into Stalkers”. In response to that, I wasn’t really particular on these being canon to HL2, I just felt like doing some themed skins.

Anyway, onto the downloads. Users of older versions of Garry’s mod will also be glad to know that I’ve included spawn lists for each pack. I hope you guys enjoy them.


Click the banners to download
:siren:Link Fixed!:siren:
:siren:Link Fixed!:siren:

Looks pretty sweet.

Great stuff.

That is awesome my friend.


does this include all civvies or just the ones in the picture?

All male citizens are hexed for each skin, totaling 27 ragdolls altogether.

You have achieved Awesome status.

That’s epic, you got a download

I really like that orange one, i can tell where you got it from :wink:

Yeah ever since I saw those few pieces in RTB I’ve really wanted to try bringing that back. I had a pretty good head start on it too since the base skin is pretty much from the Max Payne 2 cleaners I did a while back. I wish I knew how to model, because then I would have done a true form fitting jumpsuit without the overhang from the coat.

Awesome, I cannot see the skins right now because I’m on a shit computer but when I get home I’ll download. Even though I cannot see the skin, from your past skins I’ve seen on are great. Also could you make some more sounds? That zombine one you did was very nice, think you could do the same for the Fast Zombie?

Alright now that third one is the best one. The second one is not that bad either. Also do these replace the normal citizens?

I’m working on other sounds little by little, but don’t expect anything in the near future since I’m busy working on projects for Striker and Nexus from Tribal Rose. You can replace the citizens by taking the VTF files and renaming them to citizen_sheet, then placing them in materials/models/humans/male/group01 or group02.

All nice as always Barnes, I especially like V.2.

I love it, your expanded universe skins are always amazing and besides, how do we know it wasn’t used as a combine prison before half-life 2? Still, excellent as always.

Well done. I like the orange.

What’re you doing next?

Edit: Out of curiousity. No pressure, man. No pressure.

version 1 reminds me of half-life 2 e3 :dance:

These look great, downloading now.

Not at all :).

Right now I’ve been pretty busy cranking out skin for Nexus_Elite and Striker89 for their upcoming comic series. But once that is finished I’ll start pounding out releases again.

I believe he had achieved that status with all those City 08 skins…

These skins are awesome too…